Top Law Enforcement Blogs

1. Just a Cop

This is a personal blog by Brian Cain, who is a Sergeant and Law Enforcement Chaplain working at Holly Springs Police Department in Georgia. He has been working in law enforcement since 2000. He shares informative posts regarding Leadership, Law Enforcement, Police Work, Chaplaincy, First Line Supervision and related topics. He also offers an interesting perspective on the world of policing and discusses faith in law enforcement. Moreover, Brian aspires to inspire other cops through his ministry involvement.

2. Guardian Leadership

Guardian Leadership is a community created by Glenn Hoff for police officers and organizations committed to achieving and maintaining personal excellence. Glenn is a retired Deputy Chief from the Rochester, NY Police Department. Common blog topics include effective policing, current issues, ethics, leadership, and personal excellence.

3. Cop in the Hood

This is a blog by Peter Moskos, who is a former police officer, a sociologist trained at Harvard and Princeton, and an associate professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. His book, Cop in the Hood, garnered the 2008 American Publishers Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence. What makes this blog interesting is the firsthand information based on Peter’s personal experience being a cop in a tough neighborhood in Baltimore.

4. Covered Law Enforcement

Covered Law Enforcement acts as a non-profit organization. The blog shares insights and experiences on the police career, and aims to promote faith and solidarity among Christian law enforcers. Jonathan Parker developed the vision and design concept for the ministry. Covered Law Enforcement is a good source of inspiration and support for Christian law enforcement personnel who want to strengthen their faith while serving in the profession.

5. Cops Alive

Cops Alive offers information, strategies, and advice to help police officers survive their careers successfully. The blog helps law enforcement officers develop the best tactical plan for their life and career. Cops Alive strives to assemble tactics, strategies and ideal practices to help people in the law enforcement profession live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life on the job and at home.

6. Discover Policing

This blog features useful articles that provide information and insights about the law enforcement profession. It also offers career advice for aspiring police officers, personal perspectives in the eyes of seasoned law enforcement professionals, and interviews with law enforcement experts.

7. 5oh Wifey

This is a unique blog that shares fresh and meaningful insights into the life of a cop from the perspective of a police officer’s wife. It includes stories about the challenges of handling irregular work schedules and off-duty demands, among others. It’s a fantastic blog for those with law enforcers as partners, and people who want to take a glimpse of the ups and down of being a police officer’s wife.

8. Police Mental Health

Police Mental Health is an interesting blog that delves into the psychology and mental aspects of police work. Jeff Shannon runs the blog for the purpose of educating people about the difficulties encountered by law enforcement personnel and how they can cope effectively. He’s a police officer and also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. He also has a private practice focusing on police officers and their relatives. This blog is a great help for those working in the law enforcement profession seeking to learn tips on how to manage a healthy mental capacity.

9. MotorCop

In this blog, you can find interesting articles about the personal perspective, experiences, stories, and adventures of a motorcycle cop in California. It’s an exciting read for those who want to know the adventures of a motorcycle cop. The website also features the latest news and occurrences related to law enforcement.

10. Blue Sheep Dog

The blog is an excellent source for free law enforcement training, reviews and useful information. You can find DUI training articles, field training articles, firearm training articles, officer safety training articles, and general training articles. This police training site is committed to providing information to encourage officer safety. They aspire to provide officers with the best online training to become more effective cops while keeping safe.

11. SGT Says

The blog is written by a veteran of the US Army Reserve, with 30 years of experience in military, police and private security. He shares essential knowledge and information about public and private law enforcement, including what he has learned about shootouts, protests, riots, and response to any kind of call. He also discusses how to use different weapons such as the Taser, baton, rifle and handgun.

12. Behind the Blue Line

In this blog, Sandra Glendinning tells readers about her personal experience, stories, and observations as a veteran Canadian police officer. She was the second VPD police woman to serve with the Dog Squad in her district. Knowing that many citizens don’t fully understand the responsibilities and dangers of being a police officer, she strives to inform today’s citizens about what officers often need to deal with.

13. Houston Police Department Recruiting Blog

The blog is run by Officer McCoy who shares his knowledge and insights into police training. He also discusses the process of police recruiting. Moreover, Officer McCoy provides information, stories, advice and personal views regarding law enforcement.

14. Philly Police

Philly Police presents various valuable information regarding Philadelphia police, including current news, events and crime alerts. The blog also features an inside look in the Philadelphia Police Department and publishes articles about safety and prevention.


The blog talks about law enforcement encompassing training, regulations, and related news and events. Bloggers Frank Borelli, Sara Schreiber, and Jonathan Kozlowski contribute insights and thoughts with the law enforcement community.

16. Delta Police

Jim Ingram, who is currently assigned to the Delta Police Patrol Division in Canada, blogs real-time stories from the road. Since he’s on patrol 24/7, he aims to share the latest events that occur at any time of the day. He wants readers to take a glimpse into a police officer’s daily activities. He contributes an interesting mix of humorous, motivational, awe-inspiring, and tragic stories.

17. Dukes Blotter

Dukes Blotter talks about Illinois pension laws and reform, and Union and Labor issues. The blog aims to provide accurate and updated information so the readers will be unbiasedly educated. It’s a great source for the latest news on law enforcement from across the nation.

18. Crime File News

The blog covers everything related to law enforcement, including current news and the most popular events. Blogger Crimefile is a former Chicago policeman, licensed private detective, and investigative journalist.

19. Police Mag

Police Mag presents blog posts on a variety of topics related to police work and law enforcement, including technology, vehicles, weapons, patrol, recruitment processes, and police training among others. The site also features a special blog for women in law enforcement where female police officers get to share their views and experiences in the law enforcement profession.

20. Police Issues

Police Issues is a blog run by Julius Wachtel, a retired ATF special agent and supervisor in Phoenix. He created the blog to help police professionals as well as criminal justice faculty and students stay informed about emerging issues and events in law enforcement and criminal justice. It’s a great source for helpful information encompassing different aspects of police work including conduct and ethics, crime and punishment, and strategy, among others.

21. Bad Luck Detective

Suzie is a detective who writes enthusiastically about her lifestyle and career as a law enforcer. She shares humorous adventures as well as serious stories as she takes on new cases. The blog is an entertaining read for both police professionals and ordinary citizens who want a peek into the life of a police officer.

22. Improving Police

The blog owner is also the author of a book entitled “Arrested Development,” which describes the author’s journey from patrol officer to chief of police in only seven years. The blogger aspires to share his personal views and perceptions on law enforcement based on his 30-year police career.

23. Officer Smith

Officer Smith is based on the personal views and opinions of “Officer Smith,” who is a peace officer in California. Officer Smith mostly talks about his day-to-day experiences and past encounters, and he shares his own convictions and beliefs as a law enforcement officer.

24. The Cold Case Squad

In this blog, Joe Giacalone shares his unique perspective on issues related to criminal investigation and cold cases. Joe is a retired NYPD Detective Sergeant who held various prestigious positions during his 20-year career. He’s also the author of “The Criminal Investigative Function.”

25. Positive LEO

Positive LEO is a wonderful blog filled with positive, lighthearted and motivational stories involving law enforcement officers. The blog exemplifies positivity to provide encouragement not only to police officers, but to ordinary citizens as well. It’s a great source of inspiration for people, and it also boosts trust in law enforcement.