Top Forensic Blogs

1. White Collar Fraud

This blog highlights forensic investigation techniques related to white collar fraud. Generally the blog investigates forensic accounting and other financial forensic techniques. The vast majority of white collar crime is financial so most resources go into tracking this fraud and preventing future fraud. White Collar Fraud is written by Sam Antar, a CPA and former white collar criminal.

2. Forensic Science For Nurses

Forensic Science For Nurses is a forensic nursing related blog that describes itself as such:”We offer information for both victims, advocates, law enforcement, lawyers, nurses, SART Teams, and everything in between. We hope to continue to be one of the leading websites for information about Sexual assaults, rape, incest, forensic nursing, death investigation and laws pertaining to all the above.” Basically one stop shopping for forensic science related educational material.

3. The CCU CSI Blog

The CCU CSI blog written by forensic experts that examines the effect that crime forensics shows have on law enforcement, crime and criminals as well as the country as a whole. “CSI” is a term that commonly describes how people and criminals have adapted since the widespread popularization of forensic science. Forensic Science has not only affected criminals, it has changed the criminal justice system in incredible ways.

4. The Fraud Files

The Fraud Files is another white collar forensic detection blog. The Fraud Files is written by Sequence Inc, who are leaders in forensic accounting and other white collar forensics categories. The team at Sequence Inc has a combined lifetime of experience in solving forensic cases as well as detecting and stopping white collar crime.

5. SANS Forensics Blog

The Sans Forensics Blog is run by “Computer Response and Incidence Reporting”. Basically they aggregate and categorize serious computer forensics related threats and advancements. This blog is very helpful for keeping up with the increasingly fast paced world of computer forensics.

6. Crime Scene Training

This blog focuses on information about crime scene training. The blog expands on what exactly crime scene technicians do, how they learn what they learn, and some interesting cases involving crime scene training. There is a great deal of good information on this blog for anyone interested in crime scene training or becoming a crime scene technician.

7. Defrosting Cold Cases

Defrosting Cold Cases is a blog that is specifically dedicated to the usage of forensic science techniques to unlock “cold cases”, which are crimes that remain unsolved but active. Most of these cases have no statute of limitations, so they deal with more serious crimes, like rape and murder. This blog studies how we can solve cold cases using advances in forensics.

8. Los Angeles Crime Scene Blog

This is a blog that deals with crime scene investigations in the city of Los Angeles. The blog collects information related to crimes in and around the Los Angeles area and expands on the role of crime scene investigators in LA- basically what they do and how they contribute to cases and convictions.

9. Crime Museum Blog

This is the official blog of the Forensic Crime Museum. This site collects information about famous crimes and outlines things like the forensic evidence, who investigated the crime, who were suspects etc. This is a great resource for forensic criminal information on historical and famous cases.

10. The Truth About Forensic Science

This blog is a resource for people interested in some of the problems with forensic science. The blog deals with many of the bad convictions that have resulted from bad forensic science as well as what some of the main problems with current day forensic science. This is a good resource for people looking to find information about the darker side of forensic science.

11. Forensic Science News

This blog was created as a place for different forensic scientists to upload their advancements and cases. The blog is meant to be a community gathering place for different people in the forensic industry and to aggregate a great deal of information about forensic science.

12. Mobile Forensics Blogger

This is a blog dedicated to the study of mobile forensics techinques. These techniques are for studying mobile phones, pda’s and other portable electronic devices. These devices can often have a great deal of forensic information stored within them or in relation to other systems so the proper study of mobile forensics is incredibly important.

13. Illumina Blog

This blog is written by and for scientists and technicians in experimental and practical forms of DNA science and research. The blog serves as a gathering place for news and updates about new research in DNA science as well as new practical techniques that people in fields like Criminology and Forensic Science can use in their work.

14. Forensic Focus

This blog is focused solely on computer forensics. The blog describes techniques employed by computer forensic specialists as well as particular cases in which computer forensics were relevant. As our reliance on computer technology grows computer forensics becomes an increasingly important part of law enforcement and criminal science as a whole.

15. The Forensic Factor

The Forensic Factor is another Forensic Nursing/Health webblog. While the focus of the blog is in medical and nursing forensics it often has updates with a variety of different criminal investigation and forensics technology articles and opinions. The blog aggregates a great deal of news in one easy place.

16. Digital Forensics Blog

This is another computer forensics related blog. The author and guest bloggers write about the field of digital forensics. Computer experts use digital forensics when tracking criminals through the internet or using mobile networks, or other communications devices. They also find digital fingerprints on hard drives and other computer memory devices.

17. Forensic Writer’s Blog

The Forensic Writers Blog is a forensics reference guide for aspiring writers. This site is different than most other forensics blogs due to the subject material being literature friendly. They do bring a great deal of insight to the forensics field, with profiles of serial killers and other criminals as well as reports on famous crimes. The Forensic Writer’s Blog is a great resource.

18. The British Columbia Institute of Technology Forensics Blog

This is the official blog of the Computer Forensics program at The British Columbia Institute of Technology. They profile cases and technology developments related to the fields of computer and digital forensics, as well as some articles about electronic forensics. This is a great resource for University quality forensics research and cases.

19. Wrongful Convictions Forensics Blog

This blog often puts the entire field of forensic science on trial. The authors highlight cases where forensic technologies were abused by prosecutors and judges to unfairly sway juries to convict defendants. The blog talks about wrongful convictions due to forensic evidence as well as advances in science that disprove earlier forensic techniques.

20. Random Thoughts of Forensics

This blog chronicles the journey of an aspiring Digital Forensics Technician. The blog describes the process of becoming a digital forensics specialist- the education required, what the training is made up of, and the job duties of a digital forensics worker. This blog is great for getting information before attempting to start a career in either digital, computer, or clectronic forensics.

21. Hacker Factor Digital Forensics

This is a regularly updated blog featuring articles and commentary about digital forensic security. This blog takes the approach of trying to evade computer and electronic forensic security measures and investigation tools to find the flaws in them and hopefully patch them. This is a valuable service and greatly increases the effectiveness of digital forensics.

22. Anti-Forensics Blog

Another popular forensics security site is the Anti-Forensics Blog. This is another blog dedicated to advancing the defensive and investigative technology that defines the field of digital forensics. This site lists new information about the ways criminals may evade digital forensic technicians and publishes common problems with digital forensic techniques or software.

23. Skeleton Key Forensics

This is blog related to cases of historical crime forensics. Featured are famous cases throughout history, like the assasinations of famous kings or political figures. There are also articles about updates in modern forensic sciences as well as articles referencing new entrances in the forensic crime literature world.

24. Yogesh Khatri’s Forensics Blog

This is another site that deals with electronic forensics. This blog provides a number of resources and blog posts in reference to the field of computer forensics. Contained on the site are numerous research papers about the field as well as musings and news about the future of digital and computer forensics. This is a fantastic reference site for people looking to do university quality research and write quality content regarding computer forensics.